Pharmaceutical manufactures have one of the most stringent legislation and consumer protection standards to adhere to. Our world renowned principals like Pharma Technology, Lock Inspection Systems and Pentapack offer complete solutions of detection technologies that will help clients meet legislation requirements as well as protect the quality and integrity of their product.
Metal particles are one of the most common types of contamination that can occur as a result of ingredient contamination, breakage of machinery (sieves wire, shavings) or simple inadequate cleaning or maintenance of the machine.
Lock Metal detectors can be installed throughout the manufacturing process of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products;
The Lock met30+ free fall can be used for powders and granules ensuring early detection of contamination prior to tabletting or encapsulation and helps avoid costly rejection of finished products.
The Lock met30+ Pharmaceutical allows for inspection of tablets or capsules after pressing or encapsulation occurs and protects against contamination from damaged sieves or press tooling. It can also be integrated with Pharma Technology’s range of deduster applications.
The Reject systems come in a full stainless steel construction designed to withstand aggressive cleaning conditions.
The Lock Met30+ and WeighChek combination allows for in-line conveyorised inspection of finished products and can be integrated into a single system with a Checkweigher.
Pentapack offers packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals. They are market leaders when it comes to the manufacturing of Blister machines for the packaging of clinical trials and/or stability tests as well as offer compact, flexible and versatile blister machines for the hospital pharmacy producing unit dose


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