Metal Detection
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Metal Detection


Metal Detection Equipment is essential for protecting your product, brand and clients from harmfull metal contaminates. It is also necessary to meet with legislation and FDA Approval.

Automation Techniques represents Lock/Loma Inspection Systems in South Africa, a leading manufacture who sets the benchmark in Metal detection. We also offer technical support and maintenance services to all our machinery 24/7hr all year round from trained engineers.





Lock Loma

  Lock Insight  

Lock Loma


INSIGHT HDE Tunnel Detectors


INSIGHT VF Vertical Fall Metal Detector


INSIGHT C5 Throat Metal Detector


Lock HDE Tunnel Detector

  Lock Vertical Fall Metal Detector   Lock Waferthin Metal Detector
  • Can be installed at various locations in the production line

  • To inspect wrapped or unwrapped items prior to packing, in conformance with HACCP principles

  •  Metal Detector Heads can be mounted on existing or custom designed conveyor systems


  • Ideal for free fall materials either at beginning of a production line or any suitable point in manufacturing.

  • Ideal for processing cereals, cocoa, coffee, sugars, spices,dried fruit and vegtables, flour, milk powder, rice, chemical granules and plastic pellets

  • Sets new standards for good manufacturing practice-in particular-traceability, efficiency, product quality and compliance with existing as well as forthcoming regulatory requirements.

  • Requires less than 200mm of installation space

  • Specifically designed to be located between multihead weighers and bagmakers where its stability to vibration delivers class leading performance and sensitivity to all metal types.

  • The capability to integrate the INSIGHT C5 with control systems on bagging machines or multi-head weighers ensures ease of use, maximum packaging efficiency and total quality assurance.

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INSIGHT PH Pharmacuetical Metal Detector


 OPTIX Metal Detector Managment Software


Conveyor and Reject Options


Lock Pharamcuetical Metal detector

    Conveyor and reject systems
  • Benchmark of pharmacuetical metal detection.
  • Designed to exceed stringent industry demands, the INSIGHT PH pharmacuetical detector excels on all measures.
  • the INTEGRATED DIGITAL SEARCH HEAD and sophisticated OPTIX detector management software enable the INSIGHT PH to clearly display the detailed product profile needed to achieve perfect product setups using Lock's unique DDS (Direct Digital Signal) vector diagram. This guarantees detection and rejection of minute metal fragments, while maintaining high productivity.

A Powerful Diagnostic Program Containing:

  •         DDS Viewer
  •         Data Reports In Real Time
  •         Events Download
  •         Memory Backup
  •         Language Update
  •         Diagnostics
  •         Software Update
  • Custom design systems available for your application
  •     Fail Safe package
  •     reject bin full indicator
  •     light stack indicator


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Metal Contaminant Test Block/Cards





  •     Custom test pieces will full traceability.
  •     Ferrous and Non-Ferrous
  •     Stainless Steel
  •     Glass


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