X-Ray Inspection
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X-Ray Detection


                               X-RAY INSPECTION FOR FMCG

Dylog X-Ray Machines have played a pivotal role in protecting FMCG brands through out South Africa and around the world. With over 100 machines installed country wide and a further 5000 installed globally, Dylog has proved to be the prefferred supplier to many blue chip companies around the globe.  Automation Techniques represents Dylog X-Ray Machines in Southern Africa.  Our Technical Sales team has rich & vast experience in designing custom solutions for your manufacturing lines. We offer 24/7hr technical support  from trained engineers and service supply of critical spare parts to ensure the smooth running of our clients production lines.






 Inspection Of:


Suitable Detector For Flexible Containers


Flat Bed Machines

  •     Sachets

  •     Flow wraps

  •     Bag in Box

  •     Doypack (lying down)

  •     Tetra Pak (lying down)

  •     Bulk Bag



  X-ray Detection  
  •     DYmond 40

  •     DYlight 60

  •     DYmond 80

  •     DYmond 120

  •     DYmond 160

  •     DYnamite 120

  •     DYnamite 160




Inspection Of:


Suitable Detector For Bulk Solids


Bulk Solid Machine


  •     Fruit (incl. frozen & dried)

  •     Vegetables (incl. frozen & dried)

  •     Nuts

  •     Grains

  •     Pulses

  •     Cereals

  •     Berries

  •     Seeds  

  •     Spices

  •     Sugar

  •     Candy


  Dylog Bulk Detector  
  •    DYmond BULK





Inspection Of:


Suitable Detector For Bulk Liquids


Pipeline Machine  

  •     Liquids

  •     Slurries

  •     Syrups

  •     Sauces

  •     Pastes

  •     Etc.




Dylog Pipe Detector

  •  DYpipe





 Inspection Of:


Suitable Detector For Ridgid Containers


Side View Container  


  • Glass jars

  • Metal cans

  • Plastic jars

  • Doypacks (standing up)

  • Tetra Pak (standing up


  Dylog X-Ray Detrector  
  •     DYmond S

  •     DYmond D

  •     DYmond M

  •     DYXIM S

  •     DYXIM D





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