Thermal Transfer Overprinting
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                                                                                                                      Ice Thermal Transfer Printers


                            ICE Range of Thermal Transfer and Large Character Printing Printers

ICE range of coding & and printing solutions are leading in its field. ICE also falls under the Videojet umbrella of brands and is represented in South Africa by Automation Techniques.

The ICE brand in South Africa has seen much success in the food industry as many leading blue chip companies have selected this technology for their coding applications.

Automation Techniques offers clients customized solutions taliored to their clients needs. We offer technical support on all our products 24/7 hrs.




Zodiac HS


Thermal Transfer Technology


Zodiac HS



Thermal transfer technology offers manufacturers affordable coding and printing solutions. It is an established technology of choice for a wide range of coding applications. Compared to traditional contact coders such as hot-stamp or roller coders, thermal transfer overprinting offers superior print quality, economy and lower running costs.

From label overprinting, to high speed digital coding on vertical bagging machines with flexible packaging, the Zodiac thermal transfer printer is able to deliver fast print speeds, minimising downtime and ensuring the lowest possible cost of ownership.

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ICE Ribbon Tape




ICE Ribbon Tape


                   Improved Efficiency

Longer Length 1200m Ribbon means fewer ribbon changes, reduced downtime and longer production runs. The increase in volume of ribbon per box will reduce packaging waste and minimise costs.

                  Increased Speed

Increased production throughput speeds by up to 33% will optimise efficiency and maximise performance.

                  Enhanced Durability

Improved resistance to abrasion, UV light, and temperature extremes mean reduced wastage and higher product quality.

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 Large Character Marking (LCM)


Torus Printer


The Torus is a high definition LCM printer designed for porous and corrugate case packaging. It is designed to work in even the dustiest environments and delivers an efficient solution for the lowest cost of ownership.

The Torus range benefits from a unique, patented micropurge system which can purge after every print or on a schedule, ensuring the highest quality bar codes at all times. This ink return system ensures that every single drop of ink is used due to the recycling return line, allowing increased coding and reduced costs


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Large Character Marking






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