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Print Inspection for the Printing Industry


Decosystem is an established international company which focuses on artificial vision solutions and technologies. With over more than 1000 installations worldwide its products are recogonised as top-level print inspection systems.

There systems inspect any printed and unprinted materials such as:

  •         tubes, containers, caps, bottles, glass, jars and any cylindrical object
  •         labels in reel or sheets
  •         continuous films and flexible packaging material
  •         cardboards, paper and patient information slips
  •         forms and documents





Cylindrical Tubes & Bottles


  Flexible Packaging   Glass   Labels & paper   Sheet & packaging











  Condor   Perfecto

Print Inspection on tubes and bottles


Print Inspection on Conveyor Belt


Print Inspection on Offset sheets

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Sentinel   Inspector

Print Inspection on Web


Surface Inspection

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