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Industrial Product Inspection is essential for the detection of potentially harmful foreign body contaminants. This is especially important in FOOD PROCESSING, BEVERAGE,  PHARMACUETICAL, PACKAGING & TEXTILES lines. Automation Techniques prides itself in working with leading global suppliers of inspection equipment providing customers with only the highest quality machinery and 24/7hr local technical support service.

  •     Bakery
  •     Beverage
  •     Dairy
  •     Fish & Seafood
  •     Meat & Poultry
  •     Snack & Confectionary
  •     Ready Meals
  •     Pet Food
  •     Spices
  •     Meat & Poultry
  •     Pharmacuetical
  •     Textiles                                                                                                                    




Print Inspection

  X-Ray Detection



Lock Metal Detector

  Dylog X-ray Detector

Decosystem specializes in print inspection for all Industries

  • Tubes, containers, caps, bottles, glass, jars and any cylindrical object.

  • Labels in reel or sheets

  • Continuous films and flexible packaging material

  • Cardboards, paper and patient information slips

  • Forms and documents


World Class Dylog X-Ray Detectors for detecting foreign body contaminates

  •     Glass
  •     Bone  
  •     All Types of Metal
  •     Ceramics, PVC
  •     Sea Food, shells
  •     Certain Plastics
  •     Missing or broken parts inside packaging


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Metal Detectable Products


Process Automation





Metal Detectable Products

  BBull Fill Level Inspection

 X-Ray & Metal Detectable Goods for FMCG;

  • Detectable Stationary

  • Detectamet Hygiene Work Wear

  • Detectable Cable Ties

  • Detectable Tags And Labels

  • Detectable Tools

  • Detectable Clip Boards

  • Detectable Storage and Mixing and so much more


         Bbull technology offers process automation for;

  • The beverage, food, packaging and glass industry in the areas of detection, rejection and sorting of bottles, cans, jars, PET
  • Fill Level & Filler management, Cap & Label management, Bottle sorting, Vacuum/pressure inspection, Sorting & distribution, In-line alcohol measure, Case & Keg inspection.


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