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Automation Techniques have been servicing the textile industry in South Africa since 1980 and can boast about its wide range of state of the art  textile machinery.  Textile Plants all over South Africa have utilized our diversity of machinery to build an effcient and cost saving customized solution for their manufacturing needs. We have trained technical engineers on a 24/hr call out service to ensure that production is always running smoothly.

        We supply;

  • Dyeing & Finishing Machinery

  • PLC Control Systems for Dye house

  • Colour Labs and Inspection

  • Inspection Machinery




A selection of a few of the agencies we represent


Fabric Dyeing Machines

   Textile Finishing Machines


Thies Logo

  Santex Group


Thies iMaster

  Santex Finishing machine
  • Providing versatility and custom solutions

  • Fabric dyeing machines of Thies cover the widest range of applications and finishing of natural and man-made fibres in their various forms, both woven and knitted.


  • Leading players in the world market of textile finishing
  • Technical textiles and green technologies for water treatment and drying processes.
  • Machine manufacturer and a technology partner for knitted, woven and nonwoven fabrics and green solutions




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  Textile Lab/ Colour Formulation

  Textile Machinery





  Textile Machine


  • Proven family of Datacolor products help textile apparel manufacturers address critical issues
  • Enabling all partners in a textile supply chain to expedite color development and deliver optimum color management,


  • Vegetal Raising machines

  • Metallic Raising machines.

  • Shearing machines.

  • Wet brushing machines.

  • Selvedges ironing machines.

  •  Calenders.

  • Fabric inspection machines.

  • Multi Layer Drying Tenters.


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